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Cryptocurrency & ecosystem
to maximize the fascination of fetishism

  • We will support your fetishism fulfillment.
  • We will make your personal advantages and disadvantages valuable resources for fetishists.
  • We will return some of our profits to the society.

fetish coin

'Your beauty and inferiority complex can be the power to help someone else.'... Fetishes have the power to transform personal disadvantages into charm points. A fetish is your natural tendency or hobby of personal love for certain parts of the human body or other things. fetish coin (FET) is a cryptocurrency for buying and selling fetish content, and tipping fetish content providers. It was published enough amount to spread to people who have fetish in all over the world. The large userbase also provides a stable value. Furthermore, we support female fetishism, which is often neglected.
Information is published on Service Twitter and FET Twitter.

Note: 'Fetish content' refers to media such as the following videos, photos, illustrations, sounds, etc. It does not specifically refer to pornography. We've listed some easy to understand examples here; please read the white paper for specific examples.

Fetish content related to hands and arms:

  • Women's white and beautiful hands.
  • Male's arms which can be seen blood vessels.
  • Catching a glimpse of armpit

Fetish content related to voice and sound:

  • Videoes by student girl such like 'I will call your name and confess -> I love you!'.
  • Sadistic serif collections by your favorite voice.
  • Irregular heart sound and stomach sound

You may not believe it, but videos related to the above fetishes are sold for tens to hundreds of dollars. And most of the profit goes to the producer, not the actor.


FET and related services provide following values.

for contents provider

To content providers

We will prevent intermediaries from cutting out profits and you will be able to obtain appropriate return according to the quality of the content to be provided. Since opportunities to receive incentives (tips) from content consumers will increase, you will provide higher quality content frequently.

for contents customer

To content consumers

It will prevents the intermediaries' extract. So you will be able to purchase your favorite content at affordable price. Furthermore, since the absolute number of content providers will increase, they will be able to get content easier about niche fetishes.

for society

Social significance

We exclude prejudice in terms of fetishism and support activities to realize the opened and equal society for fetish. For example, there are 'Physical disability fetish'. If persons who have artificial arms can get profits and warm comments by providing their advantage of “disability”, we will play a role of social significance.

for community

To fetish communities

We visualize the fetish and exclude the idea of fetishment = embarrassment. We eliminates the need to hide fetishism and realizes a society that makes it easy to make fetish friends. Of course, we take care to minimize the impact on existing communities.

for safe communication

To safety and security

We will provide safe and secure fetish services with anonymity. Unfortunately, fetish industry is unsafe because some peoples exploit fetishism. We will implement the mechanism to eliminate such the dangers.

for all people

To person who do not have fetishes

Are you unrelated to fetishism? That's not true. You can earn money and mental benefits by deploying 'personality' such as your own beauty, disadvantages, feats etc. as content to the world. Even for those we met, there were so many fetish.


We provide two types of services.

PC and camera

Web service

We provide services of fetish content matching, streaming and trading as the Web services.


Community formation / Fetish exhibition

We are considering providing a place where fetish activities can be done safely, including events such as exhibitions specialized for fetish.

Web service details

Web service 'fetiquette' is open now.

Please imagine a general streaming + tip site, but our Web service has special mechanisms to circulate FET: fetish matching, official fetish channel and fetish portfolio. Furthermore, the Web service intake crime prevent functions by block chain structure.


Sample image

for all peopleFeature to be offered in Phase 1 - Fetish matching

It is a mechanism to allow content consumers to acquire 'their own fetish content'.
Content consumers can post requests like 'I want this content' on the Web service.
The content providers can get rewards by respond to the requests which they can offer it.

for all peopleFeature to be offered in Phase 2 - Fetish portfolio

It is the FET-usage-graph by fetish genre. The graph is automatically generated depends on the fetish genre of your purchased content and paid tip. In addition, we back fetish benefits according to the FET-usage within a certain period in each genre from the official fetish channel etc. This aims at encouraging purchase or tip for fetish content, which prompts circulation of FET.
Fetish portfolio visualizes fetishes which was difficult to visualize it until now. In addition, It makes you easy to create fetish communities by recommending users who have similar fetish portfolios.

for all peopleFeature to be offered in Phase 3 - Official fetish channel

The fetish coin project recruit models and provide their fetish content. This solves the problem that there are few content providers in minority fetishes. Moreover, it handles special fetishes which are hard to shoot videos by general equipment. We can provide high quality and various fetish content with the models and our equipment: this is an official fetish channel. The official fetish channel will invite prominent coterie writers, cosplayers, voice actors, idols, etc when the fetish coin project developed.

for all peopleCrime prevent functions by block chain structure.

We are developing 'Identification technology for illegal transcribers of media by digital watermarking'. This is a measure to protect your content. We embed 'invisible codes' into the content posted on our Web service and record the information on the block chain. In addition, although this is just concept stage now, we are also prototyping a mechanism that prevents illegal reprint and upload of content itself. As above, we provide crime prevent functions to offer safer Web service.

Overall of the ecological system

We are planning of realizing the following ecosystem.

ECOsystem image

Banner & Token info

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Other logos: White Background, Mesh and Simple. Please feel free to use it.

fetish coin logo

Token name: fetish coin (FET)
Base: ERC223
Contract address: 0xefcec6d87e3ce625c90865a49f2b7482963d73fe
Decimals: 6
Volume: 75,000,000,000 * Burnt based on the fetiquette's sales
Functions: rain, burn, token collection, etc.

Company: fetiquette OÜ

Mail Address: contact=NOSPAM=@fetiquette.io * Please delete =NOSPAM=